If you are interested in breast augmentation, you probably have an idea of what you want your results to look like once it’s all done. But how do you find the perfect breast implant size for you? At Chesterfield Plastic Surgery, we know that our patients want to feel confident that their breast augmentation results will match their goals. We take several steps to make sure we find the perfect breast implant size for all of our patients.

Which Size is Right for Me?

Breast implants come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from small to large with numerous increments in between. There are also different breast implant shapes that play an important role when it comes to the final results of your breast augmentation.

The First step to finding the right breast implant size is the consultation process. During your consultation with Dr. Geiger and Dr. Hulsen, you will have the opportunity to describe your desired results are in as much detail as you can. Our team of plastic surgeons will ask questions to help them understand exactly what you want and let you know what is possible through surgery.

Based on the information provided, our team can figure out what the appropriate size and shape of your breast implants will be. Choosing the right implant size involves both science and artistry. Our team of surgeons will take various measurements of your breasts and analyze the condition of the breast tissue to determine a size range for your breast implants. In order to narrow down the right implant size, our team will use a silicone implant sizing system.

Ready for Your Breast Augmentation?

Our team at Chesterfield Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing the best breast augmentation results St. Louis has to offer. If you are interested in breast augmentation and are looking for a skilled plastic surgeon to perform the procedure, contact our office today to schedule a consultation.