Breast asymmetry is a fairly common issue. While perfect symmetry is impossible to achieve, many women have breasts that are virtually symmetrical in appearance since minor differences in size and shape are hard to detect. However, some women have much more significant differences in the size, shape, and appearance of each breast which can be the source of self-image issues.

Thankfully, there are several breast procedures that can correct this issue and make the breast appear more symmetrical.

Options for Correcting Breast Asymmetry

When deciding which surgical option is the best for correcting breast asymmetry one of the most important things is understanding what the patient’s aesthetic goals are. Do they prefer smaller breasts or larger breasts? Do they want to have one breast match the other better, or do they want to enhance the appearance of both breasts while also making sure they have a more symmetrical appearance?

Breast augmentation can be performed to enhance the size of one or both breasts. A breast implant may be placed into one breast or both breasts depending on the patient’s aesthetic goals. Breast reduction can also be performed on one or both breasts. A breast lift may also be an option if one breast has a flatter or droopy appearance.

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