Our team at Chesterfield Plastic Surgery strives to provide our patients with personalized results that satisfy each patient’s aesthetic needs. When it comes to breast augmentation mastopexy surgery, there are a variety of techniques and approaches that we utilize to attain the desired results. There are several types of incisions that we use based on the needs of each patient.

The periareolar incision is made along with the transition between the breast skin and the different colored tissue of the areola. This incision is often used when areolar reduction is also needed. The Keyhole incision is similar to the periareolar incision along with the addition of a vertical incision that is made from the nipple all the way down to the natural breast fold. This option is the most commonly used when performing augmentation mastopexy. The anchor incision is similar to the keyhole incision, but an additional incision is made that extends along the breast fold at the bottom of the breast. This incision will be well hidden so no scar should be easily visible once they have fully healed.

During your consultation, our plastic surgeons can go over all the options available for your breast augmentation. They will also let you know which options are best based on your aesthetic goals. If you are interested in breast augmentation and would like to know more, contact Chesterfield Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.