Scott E. Geiger, M.D.

Chief, Division of Plastic Surgery
St. Luke’s Hospital


The Aesthetic Society
American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Scott E. Geiger is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon in St. Louis. He specializes in delivering comprehensive plastic and reconstructive surgery with an emphasis on aesthetic & reconstructive breast surgery, body contouring, facial aesthetic surgery, and cancer reconstructions. He uses his talents to blend the art and science of both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries to transform his patients’ problems into surgical solutions. Dr. Geiger remains at the forefront of the specialty, using the latest technologies and techniques to deliver optimal outcomes for every patient. Whether using sophisticated intraoperative assessments of blood flow and tissue perfusion, the latest implants and tissue substitutes, or even the latest generation of fat freezing technologies in the office, he can help find an answer to your needs.

Dr. Geiger and his staff at Chesterfield Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery are committed to patient education, safety, and ensuring the most positive surgical experience. Excellent outcomes and safety are his number one priorities. In fact, Dr. Geiger has specialized training in safety, human factors, and systems analysis from the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute and his years of service as both a military surgeon and as a Naval Flight Surgeon. He applies these principles every day in the operating room, consistently improving upon safety and efficiency in each procedure. All of our surgeries are performed at St. Luke’s with the finest anesthesia team in the area in fully accredited operating rooms with a team of dedicated plastic surgery assistants to ensure you have the overall best experience and outcomes possible.

Dr. Geiger has been proficiently trained in the classic as well as the latest, cutting-edge plastic surgical techniques. He remains at the top of his field both surgically and academically, scoring in the top 4% in the nation on the Plastic Surgery Board Exam. This mastery of material lends well to finding just the right procedure for each patient’s particular needs. Whether it is reconstructing your breast or face after cancer, contouring your curves, bringing out the body you have worked so hard for, or helping you look years younger with facial, neck, and hand rejuvenation. You will soon see why he is acclaimed for his meticulous care and natural-appearing results.

“I am extremely fortunate to work with such amazing patients. It is a joy to be able to transform a cancer defect into a hardly noticed scar, help someone turn back the clock on father time, defy gravity a little longer, regain a lost function, or show off their real self they have been working so hard for. I love helping my patients attain their goals with natural-appearing results even their friends or family wonder how it was done.”

-Scott E. Geiger, M.D.

  • Dr. Scott Geiger board certified plastic surgeon St. Louis
    Performing breast reconstruction surgery

  • Dr. Scott Geiger Plastic Surgeon & Naval Flight Surgeon
    Getting ready to go fly this Navy F/A-18 jet

  • Dr. Scott Geiger Plastic Surgeon & Naval Flight Surgeon
    Learned to fly fixed-wing on this Beechcraft T-34 Mentor in Pensacola, FL.

  • Dr. Scott Geiger Plastic Surgeon & Naval Flight Surgeon
    Learned to fly helicopters with this TH-57 in Pensacola, FL

  • Dr. Scott Geiger Plastic Surgeon & Naval Flight Surgeon
    Flight surgeon for HELANTISUBRON TEN doing a Terrain Flight out of Naval Air Station North Island

  • Dr. Scott Geiger Plastic Surgeon & Naval Flight Surgeon
    Getting ready to fly in the back of Fat Albert with the Blue Angels in the El Centro air show.

  • Dr. Scott Geiger Plastic Surgeon & Naval Flight Surgeon
    Just got done with a bombing run in El Centro, CA in this T-45 Goshawk

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