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At Chesterfield Plastic Surgery, our experienced plastic surgeons perform a variety of body procedures for St. Louis patients. If you’re interested in achieving long-lasting and natural-looking results, consider us for your next procedure.

Body Procedures Offered

Explore our range of body procedures designed for aesthetic enhancement and tailored to meet your personal goals.


A mommy makeover can restore areas of the body that have been negatively affected by childbirth and breastfeeding. This package of procedures can include various breast procedures, a tummy tuck for a tighter and flatter abdomen, and liposuction to reduce excess stubborn fat.


Abdominoplasty reshapes and tightens the tummy. It can involve removing sagging skin, tightening the remaining skin, repairing sagging abdominal wall muscles, and removing abdominal fat with liposuction.


Body contouring is an umbrella term for any procedure that addresses excess skin or stubborn fat. Contouring sculpts areas of the body, helping you achieve slimmer and better-defined curves. It is especially ideal after major weight loss, which can leave patients with large amounts of hanging skin. Examples of body-contouring procedures include the thigh lift, the arm lift, and the body lift.


Liposuction gives you a sleeker and more proportionate figure by removing stubborn fat that refuses to go away with traditional dieting and exercise. It requires making small incisions, followed by the insertion of a thin cannula to suction out fatty tissue.


Labiaplasty can improve the appearance and functionality of the vagina by making changes to the inner and outer vaginal lips. It involves tiny incisions in key areas and reduction of excess tissue.


Thighplasty reshapes and smooths the thighs by removing loose, sagging skin and excess fat. The inner-thigh lift removes excess skin from the inner thigh to the pubic area, while the outer-thigh lift improves how you look when wearing shorts or swimwear.


Cellulite removal reduces dimpling in the thighs and buttocks, restoring smooth skin. It requires releasing the fibrous septa that pull down the skin and constrict the fatty tissue.


An arm lift gives you trimmer and more toned upper arms, reducing the appearance of sagging “bat wings.” Loose skin is removed, along with excess fat, and then the remaining skin is tightly redraped.


The upper back/bra line lift removes annoying and stubborn back rolls. Incisions are made in areas that a bra or swimsuit easily conceals. Excess skin is removed, fatty tissue is taken out, and the remaining skin is repositioned and tightened.


These procedures can restore the abdominal wall or the pelvic region after cancer removal, complex wounds, or large hernias.

Hernia repair involves using a perforating-sparing method to preserve blood vessels while releasing abdominal-wall muscles to fix the hernia defect.

In pelvic reconstruction after an anal, rectal, or vaginal cancer surgery, healthy tissue is harvested from the buttocks, abdomen, and thighs and then transferred into the treatment area.


Chest-wall reconstruction surgery aims to restore the chest wall after surgery, damage from an infection, or other tissue trauma. Typically, healthy muscle tissue is transferred from one part of the patient’s body to the chest wall.


When considering body procedures, it’s crucial to make informed decisions that align with your aesthetic goals and health profile. Our expert team will guide you through the available options, ensuring personalized treatment plans tailored exclusively for you. Each recommended procedure is carefully aligned with what’s best for your unique body and health circumstances.


Preparing for surgery is a crucial step toward ensuring a successful outcome. We provide comprehensive guidance that includes detailed pre-operative instructions for body procedures to help you get physically and mentally ready for the procedure. Additionally, we outline post-operative care and support to facilitate a smooth and efficient recovery.

Our team is dedicated to making sure you understand all the steps involved before, during, and after your procedure, including tips for home care, medication management, and follow-up appointments to monitor your healing progress. This thorough preparation helps minimize complications and maximize your comfort and results.


Our focus is on you. We create customized treatment plans tailored to your unique needs and goals. With a skilled surgical team and a proven track record, we prioritize your well-being and aesthetic vision. Let us help you achieve transformative results. Choose Chesterfield Plastic Surgery for an effective approach to body procedures.


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