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Chin enhancement surgery offers a way to enhance the size, shape, and appearance of the chin. Chin implants can also improve the appearance of the neck and the jawline. The surgery involves inserting a silicone implant around the patient’s chin bone to reshape and balance the lower face, nose, lips, and chin areas. At Chesterfield Plastic Surgery, we can help you reach your aesthetic goals by providing you with excellent results from your chin implant surgery in St Louis.

Chin Implant Benefits

Chin implants can add projection, width, and some length to the lower jawline. This helps to achieve an attractive and well-balanced chin that brings balance to the other facial features. A chin implant procedure can provide a permanent solution for improving the look of a weak or recessed chin by adding projection and definition.

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Who Should Consider Getting a Chin Implant?

People who are not happy with the shape or projection of their chin may think about augmenting and harmonizing the shape of their chin with implants. Facial features such as a narrow, recessed, or under projecting chin may lead to a lack of confidence.
Chin Implant surgery can:

    Define an underdeveloped chin

  • Make the chin proportional to other facial features
  • Correct a weak or recessed chin giving it prominence
  • Reduce a double chin appearance
  • Improve the definition of the neck and jawline

Chin Implant vs. Chin Surgery

There are two ways of augmenting the chin. Chin augmentation through chin implants or chin surgery. A sliding genioplasty is a more aggressive surgical process where the surgeon cuts a portion of the chin bone and moves it into a new location to correct the appearance. Chin implant procedures involve the placement of synthetic implants through a small incision. A chin implant procedure typically has fewer risks, downtime, and a quicker recovery than genioplasty procedures.

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What to Expect

Chin implant surgery is done either under general anesthesia or local anesthesia, depending on the patient’s comfort and condition. It is an outpatient procedure where the patient does not require hospitalization.
After the patient is given anesthesia, the surgeon makes a small incision under the natural chin crease or inside the mouth. Inside the mouth, the cut is made at the place where the gum and lower lip meet.

The synthetic implant is then inserted and positioned around the chin bone. Chin implants feel like natural tissues that are usually found in the chin. The implants come in various sizes and shapes to fit different requirements.

After the implantation is done, the surgeon closes the incision with sutures. No scarring can be seen if the incision is made inside the mouth.
Chin implant surgery takes less than an hour to complete. Often patients combine other cosmetic surgical procedures along with a chin implant procedure.

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Recovery and Expected Results

Chin implants are intended to be permanent. The aging process may affect the facial appearance and the enhanced chin contour is also expected to change with it.

Rigorous activities should be avoided for a few weeks after the surgery. Patients usually start following their normal routine after about ten days post-surgery.

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