Breast sagging, also known as breast ptosis, is an issue that affects a large portion of women. When the breasts begin to sag, it can lead to the development of self-esteem issues and can prevent women from feeling comfortable in their own bodies. At Chesterfield Plastic Surgery we have helped numerous women regain their comfort with their appearance by providing them with beautiful and natural-looking results from their breast lift surgery in St. Louis.

What Causes Breast Sagging?

Breasts can begin to sag for a variety of reasons. In many cases, breast sagging is a natural result of factors like aging and gravity. Over the years, the skin loses its strength and elasticity resulting in noticeable sagging. Gravity places further stress on the breast skin. While this issue may be minor in some women, many women may notice significant sagging as they age or may even experience premature breast sagging while they are young. 

Weight loss is also a factor that can lead to noticeable breast sagging. Women who have recently lost a significant amount of weight may notice that there is a significant amount of loose excess skin around their breasts as well as a loss of volume and shape. This can also commonly occur in women who have given birth and who have gone through breastfeeding. 

Correcting Breast Sagging

A breast lift is an excellent option for restoring the appearance of the breasts. If you want to enhance the shape, profile, and overall appearance of your breasts, contact Chesterfield Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation for your breast lift in St. Louis.