Some women who are interested in enhancing the size of their breasts may not be comfortable with the idea of getting breast implants. Other women may desire only a subtle increase in breast size that may not warrant having breast implants inserted into the breasts. In these cases, breast fat grafting can be performed to add volume and enhance the overall shape and appearance of the breasts.

What Is Breast Fat Grafting?

breast fat grafting is a surgical procedure that involves harvesting excess fat from one area of the body and injecting it into the breasts. The procedure can add breast volume and enhance the shape of the breasts. The first step involves harvesting fat from an area with excess fat to spare like the abdomen, back, hips, or thighs. Liposuction is used to harvest the fat. Next, the fat is purified using a centrifuge. The purified fat is then injected into the breasts. Multiple injections are made across the breasts to both evenly distribute the fat and ensure the breasts have a natural appearance and symmetrical appearance. The procedure does not require the use of large incisions so there will be no large post-surgical marks and the recovery time needed is shorter compared to breast augmentation using breast implants.

Interested in Breast Fat Grafting?

When performed by a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, breast fat grafting can provide beautiful and natural-looking results. if you are looking for a way to enhance the size and appearance of your breasts without using breast implants, contact our office today to schedule a consultation for your breast fat grafting procedure in st. Louis